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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire your caravan?

Prices vary greatly between seasons, and individual breaks. They are obviously dependent on the number of guests too. The best way to check is to choose an available date in our availability calendar, and select the number of guests. The “Total to Pay” shown includes a £100 refundable breakage bond that will be returned to you immediately after your holiday following inspection. See our Caravan availability and booking page.

Are Butlins passes/wristbands included?

Yes! When you book, the initial price is based on minimum occupancy. After choosing the number of adults, children and infants, the given price includes passes and bedding for the whole of your party. Infants under the age of 2 at the time of the holiday do not require passes, and there is no additional charge for them.

Will I get my bond back if I don't break anything?

We understand breakages happen from time to time, and we are not too worried about a broken glass etc., The bond we charge is to cover us for what we regard as willful damage. i.e. the kind that can be easily prevented.
Note, that this may include extra charges for cleaning bedding for example where it is obvious that the supplied linen had not been used, but we won’t be concerned about your little one’s little accident!

We make the refund straight after the caravan is inspected, and in any case no later than 7 days after your holiday. For credit card refunds, this may take a few days to appear on your statement.

When can I book a caravan holiday?

Usually availability is offered over 12 months in advance. It is common for guests to book the same break again in the next season.

I found a cheaper holiday at another park. Can you match it?

We appreciate that the Butlins entertainment passes make our holidays appear more expensive than other parks. Unfortunately this is out of our control. Butlins do not allow us to let the caravans without including passes.

Our best recommendation is to make full use of the facilities on offer. We believe that you will think that this is great value for money.
Activities included for free include the amazing swimming facilities, live entertainment in several bars/clubs, fairground rides etc. etc.

Can we get into all the entertainment in Butlins?

Yes, your wristbands allow access to all venues.
At present, there are two venues – Centre Stage and Studio 36 – that allow booking in advance. This booking facility is not available to caravan guests, and you will have to join the non-booked queue. However we very rarely hear that people have not been able to gain access in this way. There is usually plenty of room, and most acts are on twice in a day to help ensure everyone can see the shows.

Can I add a Butlins dining plan?

Caravan rentals are primarily self catered accommodation, so no provision is available for our guests to add dining plans. You can, however, make use of all the restaurants and dining rooms on Butlins. So, if you are heading out for a trip, but want a hearty all-you-can-eat breakfast, you can simply go to one of the dining rooms, and pay on entry. The same applies if you are late back, and don’t feel like cooking – there are a variety of restaurants and take-aways that will cater for you.

We feel that this gives you a greater freedom to go as you please, and don’t feel that you have to be at your dining room for a certain time to avoid missing out.

Why should I choose a caravan holiday instead of Butlins accommodation?

Obviously it is a matter of choice, and sometimes the apartments can work out cheaper. However we believe that you will find a caravan holiday will give you much more freedom to experience the two aspects to this type of holiday.

You will have a self-contained home from home in quieter surroundings. The kids can play outside safely, and you can enjoy a meal or drinks on your own private veranda/patio. Butlins caravan village is thoughtfully designed to give plenty of room between caravans, and lots of green space.

Of course you will want to make use of all that Butlins has to offer, and we are just a few minutes walk from the Skyline area. In fact we are closer than some of Butlin’s own accommodation.

How close are your caravans to skeggy?

Skegness offers a great day out, and it is just a 15 minute drive away. Lot’s of information on the surrounding area can be found on our Outside Butlins page.

Are there any age limits for Butlins Breaks?

Yes, Butlins do have some restrictions!

There are four main types of break:

  • Peak family holidays
    Butlins will not accept bookings with no children on these breaks
  • Off-peak family holidays
    Less restrictions here, but all male or female adult groups will not be permitted.
  • Just for Tots breaks
    These breaks have been replaced with midweek family breaks, and therefore no age restrictions apply. All male or female adult groups will not be permitted.
  • Adult only weekenders
    As the name suggests, all guests must be over 18.

Furthermore, in all cases, the person making the booking and responsible for their guests must be over the age of 25.


Where is the nearest beach?

The beach is very close, and there is private access through Butlins.

Simply go through the tunnel, through skyline, turn right, then left after Studio 36.

Check the gate opening times, as it’s a long walk round if you miss the close time.

What is included in your towel packs?

Towel packs include:

– One bath towel per person

– Two hand towels

Please note that these towels are for the caravan only. If you intend to visit the pool or beach, then you must bring your own towels for this purpose.

Can we pre-book activities?

Payable activities (including the circus during summer holidays) may be booked up to 10 days in advance by calling Caravan Reception during office hours. Please have your Caravan number, Butlins booking reference and card for payment to hand. Their number is 01754 614444.

Entertainment in Studio 36 and Centre Stage cannot be booked in this way. Feel free to discuss this restriction with the caravan reception team.

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